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Exodus Real Estate Network of Christian Community Specialists with free relocation resources and information on homes for sale for all States and Canada.1-800-395-8556


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FREE Relocation Services for families in the USA and Canada.
Christian Community Specialists!

Real Estate & Moving Resources!
Christian Community Specialists!
Our FREE service produces results and will ease your stress!
Connect with a REALTOR of integrity to serve you in buying or selling a home in the USA/Canada!

Biblical values and Integrity with exceptional customer service!

CLICK HERE for FREE Relocation & REALTORReferral services for moving families in your community or anywhere in the USA/Canada.

We'll introduce you to a REALTOR� of integrity after we find out your specific needs through a phone conversation. We specialize in interviewing REALTOR�S and choose the best to represent you in your local community or the community you are moving to. The agents are from most of the major real estate companies; and we make sure they have a proven track record before we recommend them! You'll be served by a REALTOR� who provides exceptional service with Biblical values, who is committed to professionalism, and who is a Christian community specialist. Our FREE service is available anywhere in the USA and Canada. For questions call 1-800-395-8556! Use a REALTOR of integrity!

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Free Nationwide REALTOR Referral. Christian community specialists. Free community information about real estate and homes.

Free School Reports

We initiate effective relationships
with our free service!

All of the Selected Agents in the EXODUS Network are full time, fully licensed REALTORS who are associated with a licensed Broker. All referrals are Broker-to-Broker referrals. Each REALTOR goes through a pre-screening application process, a reference checking process and an annual evaluation process. We do not discriminate and will serve anyone who would like our services.

Let The EXODUS Network help you Move with Peace of Mind!

Moving can be a stressful time. Of course there is the physical stress of actually packing and physically moving your possessions, but the emotional stress which a move stirs can be truly overwhelming! A move usually involves selling a home, buying a new home, finding new schools, finding a new church home, re-connecting to a neighborhood, making new friends, helping your kids make new friends, finding new babysitters, doctors, new places to shop, perhaps even finding a new job or a place to serve in your new community! Often one of the first people you meet in a community is your REALTOR�. REALTOR�S provide very fidderent levels of service! Make sure you work with someone you can trust. Make sure you work with a REALTOR� who understands your needs, who can support you, who is a full time professional, who is committed to customer service and who has access to a vast array of tools and resources about the housing market. Use our FREE relocation services and you will be connected to a REALTOR� with utmost integrity, you will receive a complete packet of information about the community you are moving to, you will be able to use our exclusive Find a Church and Find a School Services and you will receive our Move Planning Services for FREE! We specialize in providing community information, including information about the Christian community if you request that! EXODUS REALTORS work with Biblical Integrity and honesty.

We have helped hundreds of families move and have developed a network of agents, systems and information which we believe will help you move with Peace of Mind. So whether you are moving across the street or across the nation, let us guide you through the process. We are committed to your satisfaction!

Our REALTOR�S are the best of the best around the country! We are very picky about the agents we work with! An EXODUS REALTOR� must go through an application process, a screening process and a constant evaluation process to maintain their status as a Selected REALTOR�. There is no need to wait! If a move is in your future within the next 12 months, give us a call and we will go to work for YOU!

For more detailed information about our services and the REALTOR�S we work with visit our About EXODUS page. We are sure you'll be convinced that starting your move with The EXODUS Network is the right place to start!

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The EXODUS Network, your source for Christian REALTORS anywhere in the United States or Canada!



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The EXODUS Network Abides by all the practices of the Fair Housing Law
The EXODUS Network is a licensed, Brokered network in the state of Michigan.

Annual Renewal as a Selected REALTORﳵp> is dependent on integrity, maintaining exemplary customer service and professionalism. The EXODUS Network selects individual agents, not entire companies. All referrals to these agents are given through a licensed Broker. Referrals are given to agents who pass through the screening, evaluation & annual renewal process.

* Definition of Staff: Selected Agents are NOT staff of the EXODUS Network. They are independent contractors who have been prescreened and continually submit to our strict evaluation processes regarding their customer service, integrity, professionalism and real estate.

Selected Agents are individual REALTORSﳵp> all around the country. EXODUS referrals are passed from EXODUS' Broker to the licensed Broker that a Selected Agent is affiliated and licensed with. Becoming an EXODUS Selected Agent allows these agents to receive referrals from EXODUS, without changing their affiliation with their local broker.

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